Fraud Community Group

The Fraud Community Group discusses issues related to online fraud, including fraud prevention strategies, current fraud trends, and new and upcoming tools and solutions. It also contributes to the dissemination of information about fraud, its impact on eCommerce companies, and the essential information all businesses must know to continue to be vigilant and successful in combating fraudsters.

In addition to leading bi-monthly meetings to discuss such topics, the Fraud Committee provides subject matter expertise and offers strategic guidance to the MRC on issues which need to be shared with the MRC community through briefs, resource guides, or live presentations. The Fraud Committee also assesses the Global Fraud Survey so its content continues to be relevant and useful to the general MRC membership.

Interested in joining the discussion? Please fill out our Community and Affinity Group Registration form and we will add you to our bi-monthly Fraud Community Group calls led by the Fraud Committee chairs and Committee members.

Fraud Committee members
Neil Hawkey (Chair) Epoch
Kai Wanka CRIF GmbH
Pete Barker Dick's Sporting Goods
Jason Cheung Digital River
Mikk Peetrimägi Skype
Debbi Abood The TJX Companies
Evan DiMeglio Walmart