Gamer Safety Alliance

Established in 2009 by MRC members as an affiliate group, the Gamer Safety Alliance (GSA) is a cross-company effort to break down traditional competitive barriers and share information and best practices within the computer and video game industry. Topics discussed include current fraud trends, payments acceptance best practices, and online security. In addition to hosting a monthly meeting for information sharing, the GSA hosts an annual "Gamer Safety Week" each winter and its members are active in presenting and sharing information with the MRC community.

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Gamer Safety Alliance members
Tim Tash (Co-Chair) Blizzard Entertainment
Andreas Holbrook (Co-Chair) Microsoft
Julien Lajeunesse Ankama Games
Tina VanBrunt Big Fish Games
Alexandru Doroftei Electronic Arts
Marco Sederquist Electronic Arts
Sebastian Engel Gameforge
Tobias Haar Gameforge
Markus Möhring Gameforge
Andreas Schulze Gameforge
Kathryn Moss Good Game Studios
Grace Chen Google
Tim Sawyer Green Man Gaming
Danièle Thillmann Green Man Gaming
Babak Farahani InnoGames
Samantha Gunner Jagex
Dave Parrott Jagex
James Janning Microsoft
Aaron Naternicola National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance
Kyle Aloni NEXON
Paul Pasion RealNetworks
Scott Adams Riot Games
Clint Sereday Riot Games
Caitlin Margeson Skillz
Brian Cullen Sony
Carrie Mildbrand Sony
LaVonna Bowen Turbine
Veronica Rose Turbine
Lainey Margheim Valve Corporation
Chris D'Andrea Wizards of the Coast