Law Enforcement Committee

The Law Enforcement Committee provides subject matter expertise and develops alliances with law enforcement professionals and industry partners to help fight criminal activity conducted online, particularly within the realms of eCommerce and online payments. It also contributes to the dissemination of information about law enforcement, its impact on eCommerce business and the essential information all businesses must know to continue to be vigilant and successful in combating fraud and crime online. In addition to monthly meetings to discuss such topics, the Law Enforcement Committee offers strategic guidance to the MRC on subjects that need to be shared with the MRC community through issue briefs, resource guides, or live presentations.

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Law Enforcement Committee members
Doug Nass Airlines Reporting Corporation
Gerald Staller Austrian Criminal Intelligence Service
Justin O'Neill Capital One
Melissa McBee-Anderson Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
Claudia Angel U.S. Postal Inspection Service
Bryce Haley Wizards of the Coast