Merchant Membership

The MRC Merchant Membership is designed for companies that wish to become a leader in preventing fraud and enabling payments to make eCommerce safe and profitable everywhere.

Membership Levels




$500 per year
$1,500 per year

$750 per year for subsidiaries -- see below
$5,000 per year

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Merchant Payment Requirements




Total annual payments processed under $75 million
Total annual payments processed $75 million or above
See Diamond-specific eligibility requirements below

Eligibility Requirements




Must have an eCommerce presence and accept online payments

Must be a merchant of record for card-not-present transactions and assume the risk for the transactions

Must be approved by the Board of Directors or a designated committee
Same as Silver eligibility requirements
Must be classified as a Master Merchant

Must obtain majority of revenue from business-to-business sales

No participation of marketing/sales employees is permitted

No selling or marketing of merchant solutions in MRC communities or events is allowed

Must be approved by the Board of Directors or a designated committee

All Merchant memberships include the following benefits:

  • No limit on the number of individuals at your organization that may receive the benefits of membership
  • Access to experience and knowledge of over hundreds of members representing over 400 companies worldwide
  • Ability to network with industry peers in person at conferences and dedicated online communities
  • Participate in and access benchmarking survey results as well as a range of tools and resources available on the website to members only
  • Gain priority access to MRC webinars and sponsor spotlights, plus gain access to a library of recorded webinars, in case you missed one
  • Reduced admission to all MRC conferences, training and education workshops, and access to MRC member-only events
  • Receive the MRC newsletter and special announcements
  • Become a member of our advisory board or one of many committees that influence the industry

A Platinum Subsidiary membership is available if a parent or partner company is an existing Platinum member. Parent and partner companies refer to a firm that owns or controls other firms, called subsidiaries, which are legal entities in their own right. An Entity must maintain a merchant subsidiary membership if any of the following applies to the Entity:

  • It operates business-to-consumer (B2C) business via a distinct website
  • It utilizes a unique email domain
  • It leverages different fraud/risk systems
Platinum Subsidiary memberships receive full Platinum benefits at a 50% reduced cost of $750 per year.

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