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Fraudsters are Diversifying! Mitigate Threats Beyond Payment Fraud

17 May 2017

Customers’ expectations are higher than ever. Businesses are under more pressure to deliver a fast, simple, and safe experience. And fraudsters are diversifying their tactics, looking for inventive new ways to cash out. How can businesses be prepared?

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MRC London 2017 Shatters Attendance Records! Find Out Why

17 May 2017

Among the many insightful sessions at this year’s conference was a discussion of the MRC Global Fraud Survey, conducted in partnership with CyberSource. The results of this year’s survey highlight some key metrics which indicate that MRC members outperform non-MRC members on, amongst others, fraud loss rate (MRC members report 29% less fraud loss than non-MRC members) and order reject rate (MRC 2.6% -v- non-MRC 3.1%). With year-on-year growth in eCommerce, the fight against fraud will continue. A fight which will be helped by continuous knowledge sharing within our community.

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What Fortune 100 Companies Can Learn from Mr. Robot

29 March 2017

Frank Abagnale, MRC Vegas 2017 keynote speaker, said during his presentation that every data breach is the result of human error and that education is vital in preventing security incidents from occurring in the first place.

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Fighting Back: How E-Retailers Can Take Chargeback Prevention Into Their Own Hands

08 March 2017

Chargeback Gurus shares four tips online retailers can use to help prevent the growing losses posed by chargebacks.

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Fraud Attack Index Shows Nearly 80% Increase for Domestic Holiday Attacks

28 February 2017

The 2017 Fraud Attack Index comprehensively details the rate at which online fraud attacks increased throughout traditional retail verticals and provides an in-depth look at the reasons behind the changes over 2016.

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Ravelin Fraud Academy Podcast - Prioritising Fraud as a Fast-growing Startup

27 February 2017

Encountering fraud for the first time as a startup can be overwhelming. Ravelin CMO Gerry Carr sits down with Terry Runham, co-founder of Hailo, to discuss his experience and what they did to counter fraud attacks.

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3D Secure, Friend or Foe?

16 February 2017

The use of 3D Secure as an authentication tool to fight fraud is controversial. Is it a useful tool or does it do more harm than good?

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March MRC Webinars

10 February 2017

Learn about the webinars the MRC will be hosting in March, both before and after MRC Vegas '17.

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Ravelin Fraud Academy Podcast featuring Gill Wells

07 February 2017

Can merchants work together to fight fraud? Gill Wells from Just Eat sat down with Ravelin to chat through the possibility and benefits of merchants working together to defeat fraud.

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Fraud and Abuse Trends 2017

30 January 2017

Sift Science surveyed hundreds of companies to find out the 2017 trends top of mind for online businesses fighting fraud and abuse.

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