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The Merging of Our Physical and Digital Identities

20 September 2017

Today nearly every appliance comes in a form of "smart" device. Our world as a whole is becoming increasingly digital -- and our way of interacting with the world is also becoming blurred between physical and digital reality. Our digital identity is, essentially, becoming our physical identity.

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Privacy, Technology, Identity... Oh My!

14 September 2017

Ten years ago people were more reluctant to shared personal information via the Internet. Now we summon strangers to pick us up in their vehicles and transport us, and we readily live in strangers' homes during vacations, just to name a couple. We are no longer private people. See how you can keep your information private despite the rapid growth of technology.

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What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

07 September 2017

Has your identity been stolen? While some individuals begin to see the signs immediately, many can have their identity stolen for months or even years without realizing it. Regardless, if you suspect that your identity has been stolen, you need to act fast.

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Checked Out of Slow Checkouts?

24 August 2017

Nearly nine in ten customers want a faster checkout experience. Investing in quicker checkouts is an investment in customer retention. To improve the speed of checkouts, companies must adopt new technologies. Find out how!

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Payment Methods of the Future

16 August 2017

The world of banking is changing rapidly. More and more individuals are pushing for new and innovative methods of payment, and vendors are racing to adapt to these new forms of payment. So what can we expect from the future?

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Death of the Password

09 August 2017

Passwords themselves aren't really all that secure in terms of authentication. Thanks to technologies like biometric scanning and two-factor authentication, though, it is very likely that passwords are going to become obsolete within the decade.

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A Bot Will Now Take Your Payment

03 August 2017

You probably feel comfortable taking customer service advice from a bot -- so why not make a payment through one? Chatbots are becoming a popular way for customers to self-service, and many eCommerce vendors are now taking the plunge and also letting chatbots process payments for them.

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The Human Element in Machine Learning

27 July 2017

Few technologies have been growing as quickly or as substantially as artificial intelligence and machine learning. But even in the wake of this new technology, it becomes important for organizations to remember the human element.

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Singularity: Humanity 2.0

20 July 2017

The "Singularity" is the idea that we may eventually create an artificial intelligence that is so intelligent that it supersedes us in every way, essentially replacing us -- becoming "Humanity 2.0." This sounds like science-fiction. But is it?

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Cyberterrorism Make You #Wannacry?

13 July 2017

Despite taking control of data on approximately 200,000 computers across 150 countries early in 2017, the Wannacry ransomware attack is only estimated to have taken in $50,000. This highlights a chilling fact: cyberterrorism is everywhere and cybercriminals are willing to embark upon these missions for relatively low stakes.

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