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Adjusting Holiday Anti-Fraud Measures to Hit Revenue Goals

Join us for a webinar on October 24, 2018 at 8:00 AM PDT (5:00 PM CEST / 4:00 PM BST)

Emilie Grunzweig, Senior Fraud and Insights Analyst -- Riskified
Yarden Altshull, Marketing Manager -- Riskified

For many online merchants, the holiday season is one big sales spike that starts in November and ends in January. Riskified combed their data from past years and identified distinct shopping and risk patterns throughout this period. In this webinar, Riskified will break down the holiday season into four sub-seasons to give merchants tools to better anticipate customer behavior, manage risk, and capitalize on the holiday season's opportunities.

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Q2 2018 Cybercrime Summary

Join us for a webinar on October 31, 2018 at 10:00 AM PDT (6:00 PM CET / 5:00 PM GMT)

Ellie Burns, Product Marketing Analyst -- ThreatMetrix
Parul Sharma, Director of Professional Services -- ThreatMetrix

The ThreatMetrix Q2 2018 Cybercrime Summary is based on actual cybercrime attacks from April - June 2018 that were detected by the Digital Identity Network (The Network) during real-time analysis and interdiction of fraudulent online payments, logins, and new account applications by ThreatMetrix®, a LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Company:

-The Network analyzed 8.3 billion transactions this quarter, with 58% originating from a mobile device.

-These transactions are analyzed for legitimacy based on hundreds of attributes, including device identification, geolocation, previous history, and behavioral analytics.

In this webinar, ThreatMetrix will share key findings, trends, and analysis.

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3 Key Steps for Merchants to Be Ready for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Join us for a webinar on November 14, 2018 at 8:00 AM PST (5:00 PM CET / 4:00 PM GMT)

Grégoire Toussaint, Principal -- Edgar, Dunn & Company
Martin Koderisch, Manager -- Edgar, Dunn & Company

In this webinar, Edgar, Dunn & Company will discuss the impacts of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for merchants. Greg Toussaint and Martin Koderisch will present three key steps that merchants may consider when approaching SCA:

1. Understand regulations related to SCA
2. Defining an SCA strategy with optimization of exemptions
3. Implementing an SCA strategy

It is highly relevant for merchants to gain a better understanding of Strong Customer Authentication and potential impacts on the customer experience. Merchants can then build specific strategies to become compliant, minimize the impact on the customer journey, and leverage exemptions.

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If I Could Chargeback Time -- A Merchant's Guide to Improving Acceptance Rates

Join us for a webinar on November 28, 2018 at 8:00 AM PST (5:00 PM CET / 4:00 PM GMT)

Roger Lester, Subject Matter Expert -- Featurespace
P.J. Rohall, Subject Matter Expert -- Featurespace

Are fraud and chargebacks ruining your acceptance rates? Join this insightful webinar to get useful tips and advice on how you can improve acceptance rates while fighting fraud and preventing chargebacks. A pair of industry experts with over 40 years of combined experience will equip you with the right strategies to improve business processes and get into an issuer's good books.

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A New Era -- The Rise of Digital Identity

Join us for a webinar on December 12, 2018 at 10:00 AM PST (7:00 PM CET / 6:00 PM GMT)

Hrishi Talwar, Vice President for Digital Identity and Mobile Products -- Equifax

Savvy retailers are relying on consumer data more than ever to make strategic decisions on everything from store location to customer communications. And while consumers are loosening up the reigns on their personal information for customized experiences, there is still a dichotomy between offering consumers convenience and data security that retailers must reconcile.

Learn the benefits of a universal digital identity that can establish trust between parties who are not interacting face-to-face. Equifax Vice President for Digital Identity and Mobile Products, Hrishi Talwar, will deliver insights on the rise and new era of digital identity.

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